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1. BACKGROUND: Provide some Background on the Case itself

2. ANALYSIS: What are the major points in this case? What are the issues or problems or issues you have identified?

3. SOLUTIONS: What are methods that would address the issues/problems (you need to support this with some research).

4. CONCLUSION...A general wrap-up of the Case and your summation of the case itself.

Cite the reference in correct APA format and should include at least 2 external resources.



Dear Fellow Stockholders:

What a difference five years makes. On February 11, 2005, JetBlue Airways celebrated its five-year anniversary. As we reflect on this occasion, we have much to celebrate and even more to look forward to. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of our outstanding crewmembers, 2004 was another very solid year for us; our fourth straight year of profitability. We closed the year having reported sixteen consecutive quarters of profitable results. In 2004, five airlines, representing 24% of industry capacity, were operating under bankruptcy protection. Collectively, U.S.-based airlines lost $5.2 billion for the year. Considering this, together with the escalating cost of fuel and the weak revenue environment that permeated the industry, our success in running a profitable airline was no small feat. As we move through 2005, we are confident that our business plan is strong and believe we are capable of continuing to deliver on the goal we set out with five long years ago: delivering profits for our stockholders and crewmembers while offering an excellent experience for our customers.

A key part of JetBlue's success is our devotion to keeping the brand fresh and, based on customer feedback, the continual improvement of our industry-leading product. Consistent with our original goals, our service continues to focus on taking the hassle out of air travel by offering customers what they want, and nothing they don't. Customers today enjoy low, easy-to-understand fares, convenient flights, and pre-assigned leather seats with up to 34 inches of seat pitch. Additionally, we now offer up to 36 channels of free DIRECTV

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The background of this case begins with the fact that this airline has continued to increase its profitability in turbulent economic times, although a number of other airlines have been facing bankruptcy during the same period. This factor has led to an increase in the pride felt by the senior leadership within this organization, as well as an exclamation of some of the other reasons that this organization continues to grow and thrive in trying times. This case explains the fact that this organization utilizes a great deal of situational awareness within the airline industry, in order to ascertain what will be the best business move for making this ...