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Some synthesis problems of alcohols

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Please show the steps needed in order to synthesize the finished product from the starting material.

1. Suggest a synthetic route to each of the following alkenes using an alcohol. Keep in mind that acid-catalyzed dehydration often gives mixtures of products due to arrangement. (See attachment for images)

2. Show all synthetic steps necessary to convert 1-methylcyclohexanol to each of the compounds below. (See attachment for images)

3. Write step-by-step mechanisms for each of the reactions shown below. (See attachment)

4. Using 2-butanol as your only source of carbons in the final product, show all steps necessary to prepare the compound below. (See attachment)

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The solution shows synthetic routes to the given alkenes using an alcohol, the synthetic steps used to convert 1-methylcyclohexanol to the given compounds, and a step-by-step mechanism for the given reactions.