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Personal Selling and Customer Focus: Phases of Listening Process

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Cavalier management continues to receive complaints from some of the company's customers. These customers feel that the sales and service personnel have not been listening to their concerns and needs. Management has asked you to construct a memo, addressing the following:

Explain the listening process and its 4 phases.
What are some of the traits of good listeners?
What are the differences between open-ended and closed-ended questions? Provide examples of the types of information gathered from each type of question.

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Explain the listening process and its 4 phases.

The listening process is the process in which an individual pays attention, understands, and clearly takes in what another person is saying. The four phases of the listening process are:

1. Receiving: In this phase an individual actually receives or obtains the message from another. Some consider the next step to be attending. However, I believe this phase should be tied in with the receiving phase. Attending is when you are paying attention to the message that you are ...

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