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Osborn's Idea-Spurring Questions: Traffic jams, brainstorming

See attached file.

Develop ten questions and answers from Osborn's model (file included) that apply to the problem of traffic jams.

Include the following details in your paper:

A brief description of the problem.

Ten questions that could cause someone to break through narrow thinking and look at the problem of traffic jams in a new way.

Answer each of the ten questions in a creative way. APA.


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Traffic jam is a problem which has always been in existence especially in the urban areas due to the large number of population and the limited number of roads in those areas. This is a problem which has not found any solutions yet despite the development of systems which try to solve this problem such as the use of traffic lights systems (ZHENG, GAO, ZHAO & FU, 2008).


Question one: Can the issue of traffic jams be reduced?
Traffic jams can be reduced in one way or the other as long as the best ideas are incorporated into one and a solution generated.

Questions two: What new ways can be used in solving the issues of traffic jam?
There is a wide variety of ways with others still emerging on how the issue of traffic jam can be solved. Other than the use of traffic lights to regulate traffic, traffic jams can be solved through changing the road infrastructure so as to create more flexible roads. Other than this, creating a 3 dimensional roundabout is also a new way of reducing the amount of traffic on the roads.

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