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Moral Reasoning, Critical and Strategic Thinking, Assumptions

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Can you please describe the assumptions that you see in the following attached document by Pat?

Progress Report;

TO:AcuScan Management
From: Pat

AcuScan created the retinal scanning security marketplace with the cutting-edge technology of the iScanner. But today, ten year later, AcuScan is barely sustaining 40% of the market share in a mature and competitive market. Prices for the iScanner and similar devices are dropping, as the product becomes a commodity. Service revenues, with their lower profit margins and higher overhead, are rapidly becoming he mainstay of the company's income.

It's clear that, to succeed in today's tough economy, AcuScan needs to expand its technology into new markets, and again become the cutting-edge leader by creating a solution to an as-yet unrecognized customer need. To make this leap successful, AcuScan must act quickly; competitors are already looking into new ways to apply their technologies, and if we are to carve out a new niche, the time to act is now.

Dear Cliff,
Its clear to me that in spite of a great vision and commitment by the top ranks of management to make "Operation Optimize" come alive, there are certain factions within the company that do not see a path to the product launch.
Accordingly, I would like to talk to you about alternatives, namely, contracting with an outside software design firm to manage our project and develop the software to bring the iScanner into a retail environment.
May I request about 30 minutes of your time this morning to talk about this? I'll have some numbers by 10:30 a.m. for you to look at.

That's a crunch, but I don't see why we can't produce something by August with it. From what I've seen, our programmers are the best! I'll continue to work with my folks to see if we can refine the features a little.

Look Kelly, I'm really not trying to make your life difficult. But why can't we put together some kind of prototype of August that includes all of the features" So what if they're not complete-the customer will be thrilled and we will be first to market. Maybe you haven't heard about iterations. Let's get V 1.0 out first, and make it perfect next year with 1.1.

Just give me one good reason why we can't create a quick prototype by August.

From the Des

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This solution helps with a problem about moral reasoning, critical and strategic thinking and assumptions.

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Assumptions are the thoughts that are assumed but not directly stated in the paragraph . If we

look at Pat's questions to Kelly and team members we ...

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