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Knowledge workers vs Skilled workers

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Knowledge workers dominate today's business environment. However, many industries still need workers who do not fall into the category of knowledge workers.

What industries still need skilled workers who are not knowledge workers? Can you see a time when these jobs will be replaced by knowledge workers? Can you envision circumstances that would actually cause an economy to do an "about-face" and begin needing more non-knowledge skilled workers than knowledge workers?

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What industries still need skilled workers who are not knowledge workers?

Although the US is 'billed' as a major seller of information, there are many industries in which we are also major world players in the sale of products. For those products which are built or assembled in the US, we need and use workers who are capable with their brawn and hands, as opposed to using only what is (so-called) 'between the ears'.

If we look through the list of companies in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, there are 30 companies which all employ people not classified as knowledge workers. The products of these 30 companies are sold internationally with worldwide brand name recognition. Of course, being international sellers also leads to being international buyers, and we ...

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The 400 word solution presents comprehensive answers to the questions, and bases those responses on conditions in the US economy for skilled and knowledge workers in our basic industries.

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