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    Key areas of internal organizational functioning

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    Based on the attached document, I need to address the following questions. Thanks!

    1. What are some of the key areas of internal organizational functioning that are most relevant to my project? How do I define each of these areas and why have I chosen them?

    2. What strategy am I going to use for my root cause analysis?

    3. What kinds of data do I need to collect and from whom? (I.e., use of interviews, customer metrics, other business metrics, organizational documentation, focus groups etc.)

    4. What kinds of data analysis techniques will be applied? (e.g., statistics, financial analysis, qualitative analysis etc.)

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    //The functioning of an organization includes both internal and external factors, which play an important role in ensuring effectiveness in the workplace. The internal organizational functioning comprises of various areas such as finance and accounting, strategic orientation, customer relationship and marketing. In context to this, the section below explores the overview and importance of these areas in the overall functioning of an organization. //

    The presented project is targeted to reflect the overall the performance of Target Plc, whether the company's overall internal functioning is capable enough for it to be an effective and a low-cost retail without attaining the stigma of being a cheap store. In this context, there are some key areas of internal organizational functioning that are most relevant to this project issue and purposes. These internal organizational factors are:

    1. Finance and Accounting: For the purpose of being a successful low-cost retail company, it is essential for the company to improve its financial performance. In this regard, the company's financial position needs to be assessed before considering it a sustainable organization (Ryan, 2004).

    2. Strategic Orientation: Company's mission, vision, values, objectives and strategies can be reflected as its strategic orientation, which determines the image and future sustainability. In this regard, it is essential for Target Plc to have proper knowledge and ...

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    The key areas of internal organizational functioning is examined. The response addresses the query posted in 919 words with APA references.