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IT Strategy in an organization: set of factors that determine the role of IT

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It is often suggested that the role IT plays in an organization depends on the industry. If this is true, there must be a set of organizaonal factors than collectively determine the role that IT should play. Present a set of factors that would determine the role that IT should play in an organization. Describe why and how each factor influences the role IT plays.

Note: Please be specific to each point mentioned above.

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According to Robert D. Galliers, and Walter R.J. Baets (1997) IT is considered an "enabler" and a driving force behind organizational redesign. IT's operative function in general are multifaceted, all of which are directed towards strengthening an organizations areas of vulnerability. IT to an organization is just as important as accounting to an organization, both are equally critical to an organizations forward progression, however if an organization lacked the presence of either department an organization would suffer significantly. All organizations regardless of the industry will require IT specialists to provide technical support to ensure the daily operations are efficient. Although IT provides internal networking capabilities, they also safeguard confidential information of employees and prospective clients. IT specialists are responsible for ensuring information security, data communications within interoffice correspondence, as well as external correspondence, they also provide technical support where the need is indicated.

IT's fundamental role in organizational processes is to apply dramatic improvements to enhance performance. "IT provides new opportunities for the redesign of work, for example, in coordinating activities, in relaxing constraints on where work is performed and who performs it, and in making information and knowledge more readily available to workers; and in the way that firms are structured. Technology, is an essential element of ...

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