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The Impact of Technology on Human Performance

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1. Look at the attached diagram. What would the impact be of automating step A? What would the ROI be? Explain where you would look for data to support this change and define the exact ROI.

2. Why is designing an effective organizational structure vital to the success of an organization?

3. Explain the role of data in requirements development. Explain which requirements categories need data and what types of data would be necessary.

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1. The impact of automating step A will be the moment the physician enters the order, the pharmacy system will commence the delivery process and the order can be tracked. The Return on Investment will include the errors that are made in interpreting the hand written order of the physician, the time lost when the patient physically carries the order to the pharmacist, the cost of lost orders during transit, the time and personnel required by the pharmacist in receiving the order, interpreting the order, checking charts, and entering order. The data about ...

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