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    Gallant Publishing Company: What type of coalition should he form, and why?

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    See attached case for Gallant Publishing Company

    What type of coalition should he form, and why?

    Or if Nate should not form a colation, why not?

    My instincts say to form a coalition with Joaquin, not Alysa. What is meant by type or types of coalitions.

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    First of all let's explain the coalition and coalition types shortly. Coalition is simply an alliance between entities, during which they cooperate in joint action, each in their own self-interest. This alliance may be temporary, or a matter of convenience. Forming coalitions with other members of similar values, interests, and goals allows members to combine their resources and become more powerful than when they each acted alone.

    There are two types of coalitions:

    1) "One issue" or event coalitions only have to agree on one particular issue. The coalition is dissolved when the issue has been solved or the event has been coordinated.

    2) "Multi issues" coalitions have ...

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    The solution presents good information about the nature and use of coalitions and then applies that data to the fact pattern in the problem for a solution.