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    Functions of Informative Presentations

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    Describe and give examples of three major functions of informative presentations. How is a demonstrative presentation organized? What are its strengths and possible weaknesses?

    What is a listener's perspective? Why is it crucial to take a listener's perspective when making a persuasive presentation? How can opinion leaders be used to boost a persuasive presentation

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    The Three Major Functions of Informative Presentations:

    1. Teach and describe a new concept.


    - Briefings are relatively short presentations that inform an audience about a particular event.
    - A meeting on the procedures of an upcoming event.
    - Cooking session.
    - Training seminars educate listeners to help them improve specific skills
    - Orientation on the policies, rules and regulations of a company.

    2. To report or update on existing projects or events.

    - Reports simply give an account of the status quo.
    - Tables, graphs and statistics inform status of specific concerns.
    - Oral sales report.

    3. Set agendas and produce results from the presentation given.

    - Routine and regularly scheduled meetings serve as an opportunity to share information, present new goals, present messages of support, or provide summary reports and suggestions for improvement.
    - After a meeting, the minutes are summarized and the agenda for the next meeting are taken from the results of the meeting, e.g., suggestions, conclusions, etc.

    How is a demonstrative presentation organized?

    Step 1:
    Pick your topic if you can. If you have a choice on the topic of your presentation, choose something you are proficient at doing. If you don't have that choice, become an expert fast.

    Step ...

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