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    Analyzing the Presentation Environment

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    You are the workgroup leader in the finance department at New Products Creation, Inc. The company is seeking financing for a new robotics component manufacturing plant. You and your workgroup will be preparing a major presentation which you will be delivering to several types of audiences who need to be persuaded to financially participate in this project.

    The presentation will be given in a variety of spaces. The composition of the target audiences varies.

    There is one presentation to the board of directors of the parent company; presentations will also be given to small groups of Venture Capitalists and to both commercial and investment bankers. Additionally, you will be presenting at the annual stockholder's meeting which is being held in the grand ballroom of a hotel in New York City.

    The presentation to the board of directors is to be held at the company headquarters in the board room, which is in the same Midwestern skyscraper where you are located.

    You will be presenting to the commercial and investment bankers in their offices on Wall Street. The company hosts hospitality rooms at the conventions where they exhibit. You plan to meet with the Venture Capitalists in a hospitality room.

    To help get ideas for your presentation you research the Cybrary and the Internet for examples of various types of presentations. You discuss these presentations with your workgroup. You identify the type of presentation it is (for example, Sales, Training, or Motivational) and what elements must be identified to make these presentations effective.

    Develop a presentation strategy for 4 audiences that include your rationale and choices made on these areas:

    Type of presentation (informative, persuasive, motivational, etc)
    Level and method of interaction
    Location analysis & impact
    Presentation medium

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    // Before preparing the presentation for the Board of Directors, for the bankers &venture capitalist and presentation for the stockholders; it is inevitable to know the features and objectives of the presentation; the medium and level of the presentation should also be known. So, firstly, I will give information about the presentation concerning the Board of Directors with medium, levels and objectives.\

    Presentation to Board of Directors

    This presentation has following features-

    1. It is to be made to the Board of Directors of the parent company.

    2. Parent company, if convinced, can finance the proposed project.

    3. The directors of the parent company also hold major stake in the subsidiary companies.

    4. Presentation is to be made at the company's headquarters.

    5. Hence this presentation must be impressive and persuasive.

    Level of presentation- In this ...

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