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Create Memo to outline objectives to secure financing for a distance learning company

I have been meeting with a distance learning investment company's CEO as well as a few other ranking officers. I am trying to obtain a loan for a distance learning company that I would like to start. ( I have been given a mentor to whom I can turn to for help)

What I need is an elaboration on a 2 page email in which addresses the following:

-analyzing the audience
-stating objectives
-a list of topics that will be covered in the presentation
-a selected medium for my presentation to the CEO and an explanation why it was chosen
- a determination of the image that I wish to portray at this presentation and provide details on how I will project this image.

Question 2-

I need help elaborating on what governments can do to help their small buisnesses compete after the formaton of trade blocs.

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The solution presents an outline of ideas for the preparation of a presentation to secure financing for a start up company for distance learning.