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Features of the Social System in a Telemarketing Organization

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Discuss the major features of the social system in a telemarketing organization. In what ways can this social system affect an employee's job performance?

When considering the statement 'organizations need people, and people need organizations'. Is this true for all types of organizations? If not, why? If so, why? Give examples to support this position.

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The social system in a telemarketing organization; is often characterized by the distinctive culturally diverse environment. The social system I've witnessed in a telemarketing organization (and any organization for that matter) includes meritocracy in which power is shifted to individuals with superior intellect. These individuals are valuable to the organization because they are independent thinkers and risk takers. They are the ones who motivate staff members and encourage employees to exceed their daily or monthly quotas. Oftentimes, these individuals make decisions on a whim regardless of the outcome and are helt accountable if they make the wrong decision. I've discovered that this type of environment is high pressure and relies solely on the performance of employees. No sales means no revenue, no revenue results in the loss of a job. During the ...

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The features of the social systems in a telemarketing organization are determined.

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