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Exporting to Brazil

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You are New Business manager of a small firm that manufactures and markets in the US, high-quality, premium priced, luxury branded clothing. The CEO has decided to see what the opportunities are for exporting to Brazil or to contract manufacture the clothing line in Brazil and has asked you to prepare a report on these opportunities and a recommendation for a course of action the firm should adopt. Your report and recommendation will be presented to the Main Board at their next Board meeting. Please remember to include detailed information on Brazil.

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// There are various factors to be considered, while making exporting decisions. Here, we have to discuss the various factors, which have to be considered, while making a decision related to 'Export'. But first, we have to give a brief introduction of the Country i.e. Brazil.//

Exporting to Brazil


Brazil's economy is symbolized by large and well-developed agricultural, manufacturing, mining and service sectors, through which it is mounting its presence in the world market. Brazil's economy grew on an average 2.2% per year, as the country faced an order of domestic and international economic distresses. Brazil has largest economy that is still expanding and offers great opportunities for investment, partnership and trade. Brazil comprises of an immense potential consumer market. (Barbosa, 2003)

In spite of the regional inconsistencies and high income attentiveness, this market has been very approachable in current years to the better credit facilities of an inflation-free and competitive market. Thus, lower tariffs and stable government are the advantageous features. Government is committed towards reforms that will be successful in future. Hardware, software and telecommunications form a vast and ever-increasing internal market of information technology. The legal rules are basically laid down in federal legislations that govern business activities. Its vast and diversified economy and huge domestic market presents huge prospects for doing business in Brazil. (Da Silva, 2002)

// After giving a brief description of the Country, now we'll move to next part of the ...

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