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    Examine risks of different jobs within a company

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    In the company of your choice, you are examining there are certainl risks associated with different jobs.
    What is the most dangerous job at the company?
    Do you feel that employees are adequately informed of the risk?
    Do you feel that the risk is acceptable and reasonable?


    A short paper answering these questions by the end of this module. Refer of course to utilitarian and deontological considerations here.

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    One of the most dangerous jobs in construction, or in any company, is the roofer. The roofing industry has some of the highest unemployment compensation rates and some of the highest rates of injury and fatalities. At our company, a custom home contractor, we have had to pay more in workers compensation and had several problems with workers getting hurt doing roofing work. Among the injuries were heat related dizziness, slipping, failure to use the ladders correctly and slipping off roof or ladder, and one man fell off the roof because he forgot where the edge was while guiding shingles on to the surface. These problems not only raise costs in insurance and liability for the company, they can permanently disable the people doing the work if they fall or do not ...

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    The expert examines risks of different jobs within a company.