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Distribution Channels

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Visit the Peoples Website (www.peoples.com). After looking at the home page, follow the link to read about Online Services and click for a demonstration of People's Online. Next, follow the Insurance link and dig deeper by clicking an Auto, Home, and Other Personal products?

How would you describe the channel positioning of People's Bank?
What is People's unique selling proposition (USP) OR unique value proposition?


1. How would you, a manufacturer of exercise equipment, benefit from the addition of another channel of distribution to the two-level channel it now uses?

2. When motivating channel members, you have several sources of power from which to draw. List those sources and give an example of how each can be used.

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This positing will look at the benefits of adding another level of distribution to the existing situation. It will also look at ho to motivate distribution channel members.

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No matter what industry you are in, when you add in another channel of distribution, you are assuming that you need more ways to get the good from the manufacturer to the store.

1. For a company that deals with exercise equipment, it would be rare that a channel of distribution be by ...

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