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Database Uses in Retail Companies

Analyze the use of database in retail companies. Include what database (Microsoft Access, DB3, Oracle, etc.) applications are used. And propose improvements.

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Databases have become very important for the survival of Retail companies, as in these turbulent times which are characterized by tough competition, shortening of product life cycle, increased customer expectations and comparison shopping. The Managers job has become very difficult, as s/he have to take decisions and actions instantaneously. Hence it is almost mandatory that the Manager have all the data available to him at the click of the mouse.
Database are responsible not only for properly and systematically maintaining such organizational data but most importantly making it available to the Manager as and when he requires it arranged in the form he is most comfortable with. Hence DataBase are created so that they are useful for future decision making exercise.
The popular software ...

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The solution analyzes the uses of databases within retail companies and how they can be improved.