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    Create a template for a financial business plan for your company.

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    Create a template for a financial business plan for your company.

    Consider factors such as:

    Provide reasons for your recommendations

    Attached is a template that you can use for any company, includes sample charts and financial presentations. Customize for your project.

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    Please find attached a Financial Business Plan - you need to fill in company name and owners. Additionally read though it and tweak any parts necessary with reference to your specific company. Since you did not specify your company I had to improvise.

    Executive Summary

    INSERT NAME OF YOUR COMPANY HERE is a comprehensive financial planning and estate planning consultancy. INSERT NAME OF YOUR COMPANY HERE services are comprehensive in terms of offered products (mutual funds, equities, estate planning) and depth of research. Although it costs a fair amount of money for NAME to do an in-depth amount of research into prospective investments as well as possible options for the client, this up-front cost will be eclipsed by a long-term relationship that is likely to be established out of earned respect.
    INSERT NAME serves INSERT LOCATION area. NAME will be generating new clients through a combination of networking and monthly public seminars that introduces otherwise unreachable segments of the population. Besides the seminars developing new business, it is also a way that NAME can give back to the community.
    NAME is a sole proprietorship that will reach profitability by month eight and will have modest profits by the end of year three.

    1.1 Mission
    NAMEManagers' mission is to provide comprehensive financial planning services for our customers. We exist to attract and maintain customers. When we adhere to this maxim, everything else will fall into place. Our services will exceed the expectations of our customers.
    1.2 Objectives
    The objectives for the first three years of operation include:
    To create a service-based company whose primary goal is to exceed customer's expectations.
    To increase the number of clients served by at least 20% per year through superior performance and word-of-mouth referrals.
    To develop a sustainable financial management company that generates value for their customers.

    Company Summary

    NAMEManagers is a comprehensive financial planning service for the upper end of the Portland market. NAME is a sole proprietorship owned by OWNERS NAME. NAME will offer comprehensive financial planning and estate planning for the upper-middle class in the Portland Metropolitan area.
    2.1 Company Ownership
    NAME Managers is a sole proprietorship owned by INSERT OWNERS NAME HERE.
    2.2 Start-up Summary
    NAME Managers will incur the following start-up costs:
    Desk, chair and file cabinet.
    Couch and table.
    Fax machine, copier.
    Computer with printer, CD-RW, and Internet connection.
    Legal fees for business formation.
    Please note that the items which are considered assets to be used for more than a year will labeled long-term assets and will be depreciated using G.A.A.P. approved straight-line depreciation method.



    Start-up Expenses
    Legal $500
    Stationery etc. $200
    Brochures $200
    Consultants $0
    Insurance $0
    Rent $0
    Research and Development $0
    Expensed Equipment $0
    Other $0
    Total Start-up Expenses $900

    Start-up Assets
    Cash Required $18,800
    Other Current Assets $0
    Long-term Assets $2,300
    Total Assets $21,100

    Total Requirements $22,000

    Start-up Funding

    Start-up Expenses to Fund $900
    Start-up Assets to Fund $21,100
    Total Funding Required $22,000

    Non-cash Assets from Start-up $2,300
    Cash Requirements from Start-up $18,800
    Additional Cash Raised $0
    Cash Balance on Starting Date $18,800
    Total Assets $21,100

    Liabilities and Capital

    Current Borrowing $0
    Long-term Liabilities $0
    Accounts Payable (Outstanding Bills) $0
    Other Current Liabilities (interest-free) $0
    Total Liabilities $0


    Planned Investment
    OWNERS NAME $22,000
    Investor 2 $0
    Other $0
    Additional Investment Requirement $0
    Total Planned Investment $22,000

    Loss at Start-up (Start-up Expenses) ($900)
    Total Capital $21,100

    Total Capital and Liabilities $21,100

    Total Funding $22,000


    NAMEManagers is a comprehensive financial planning consultancy. NAME is a stock broker and estate planner.
    Stocks. NAME has a series seven state and federal securities license, allowing them to sell stock through the client. NAME takes the order from the customer and forwards it to their clearing agent, Bear Stearns.

    Estate planning. NAME offers estate planning to customers specializing in tax consequences and maximizing the amount that can be transferred to relatives before death.

    Market Analysis Summary

    NAME Managers will be marketing their services to two different groups of people, those in need of investing advice, and those that are in need of estate planning help. These two groups will be targeted through networking activities and public seminars. NAME's competitive advantage of thoroughness of services offered as well as in-depth research will turn prospective clients into long-term customers.
    4.1 Market Segmentation
    NAME Managers will target two different groups of customers. Both groups will be from the middle to upper-middle class socio-economic groups.
    Middle age people in need of estate planning. This group is making plans for their estate and are in need of advice on how to structure their estate. They might have already made arrangements for their estate and wish to modify them, or be starting from scratch.

    Middle age people interested in investing. This group is interested in some sort of investing, whether it is mutual funds, stocks, bonds, treasury notes, etc. They may have already done some investing, but want to change their risk profile or take a different approach. This might also be their first time investing and want expert advice.

    Market Analysis
    Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
    Potential Customers Growth CAGR
    Middle age people in need of estate planning 8% 38,745 41,845 45,193 48,808 52,713 8.00%
    Middle age people interested in investing 9% 43,558 47,478 51,751 56,409 61,486 9.00%
    Other 0% 0 0 0 0 0 0.00%
    Total 8.53% 82,303 89,323 96,944 105,217 114,199 8.53%
    4.2 Target Market Segment Strategy
    NAMEManagers has chosen these two groups because they both have money to invest and most need assistance in determining how to invest or how to structure their estate.
    These groups will be targeted through two methods. The first is old fashioned networking. OWNERS NAME made a lot of different contacts in her pursuit for her MBA. In addition to networking her contacts from school, OWNERS NAME will also network using her social contacts.
    OWNERS NAME will also be targeting these groups through the production of public seminars on estate planning and investing. These seminars typically take place in a public area such as a library hall. The seminars provide a basic level of knowledge. The seminar is not meant to substitute OWNERS NAME's services, they are meant to whet people's appetites for more information. The real reason for the seminars is to get a diverse crowd of people interested in OWNERS NAME and the services she offers, creating new business.
    4.3 Service Business Analysis
    The financial management is a populated space, just like real estate. There are literally hundreds of financial managers serving the Portland metropolitan area. The secret is specializing (concentrating on a specific area in the market, helping you to be differentiated from all the other service providers) and networking (building your business through personal/professional contacts).
    Although the financial market is pretty full, there is room for new providers that specialize and offer unsurpassed customer attention.
    4.3.1 Competition and Buying Patterns
    Competition ...

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