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Components of an effective mission statement

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Assess the major components of an effective mission statement. Which do you find to be the most important? Explain why.

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The major component of an effective mission statement involves the consumer-focused initiatives. An organization finds stability in an industry if an organization accommodates consumer needs with the emphasis on consumer satisfaction. In some organizations, the quality of service and care has declined over a period of time, perhaps it is due to the reduction of human interaction as a result of advanced stages in technology. Although, I can't speak for other consumers, this is from my personal experience and observations from consumer feedback.

A mission statement will offer a brief description of what an organization will contribute to consumers with a goal of delivery of quality service and improvement to products as a focal notion. According to Bryant, Shaw, and Izzo (2009) a mission statement provides ...

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This problem solution is a brief assessment of a mission statement. We will discover three of the most important concepts an organization should reveal to consumers. The key is to leave a positive and long-lasting impression on consumers. In this document there are two concise examples to support my position on the subject matter.

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