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Characteristics of stock exchange for walmart and target.

My selected companies are walmart and target.

My assignment is to find out the exchange in which each companies stock is traded. But the question I need answered is:
1. What are the characteristics of that exchange which might have led the company to be listed there versus another exchange.

Please answer for both companies.

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Walmart is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.
Target is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

These companies choose to trade on the NYSE over other exchanges such as the NASDAQ for the following reasons:

Size: The New York Stock Exchange is the most investor-friendly market in the world.
Prestige: The NYSE has a lengthy history and is thus more prestigious on which to be traded vs the NASDAQ.

Along with the size and prestige come access to capital. Access to capital is one of the driving forces of the free market. If a company wishes to grow, they need capital and liquidity to do so. By being a member of the NYSE, those companies have the access to capital that is needed to grow.

Why a company ...