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I need assistance with the following study questions:

1. A major dimension that forms the competitive position of the company includes the following:
a. Organization
b. Planning
c. Controlling
d. Flexibility

2. Which of the following is the first step in developing priorities when crafting a manufacturing strategy?
a. Determine the order winners and qualifiers for each group
b. Segment the market according to the product group
c. Identify the product requirements, demand patterns, and profit margins of each group
d. Convert order winners into specific performance requirements

3. Special services that are provided to augment the sale of manufactured products can include which of the following:
a. Technical liaison and support
b. Meeting a launch date
c. Supplier after-sale support
d. Other factors like colors, size, weight, and product mix options

4. Your boss asks you to define the process structure life cycle stage of your business. You work in the fertilizer manufacturing industry, so you reply that your business is in the following stage:
a. Job shop
b. Batch shop
c. Assembly Line
d. Continuous Flow

5. What is the difference between Operations Management and Operations Strategy?

6. Can a factory be fast, dependable, flexible, produce high-quality products and still provide poor service from a customer's perspective?

7. Which of the following does not describe services:

a. They are tangible
b. Direct customer involvement is essential
c. Location of the facility is critical
d. Customers are part of the production process

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