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Brief Overview of Innovation Networks

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Why do authors differ in how they define innovation networks? How can networks influence actions of its members?

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Innovation Networks

Types of Innovation Networks

Networks in themselves are varied. They can range from vertical (which links companies or their production activities via production process or components of value chain) to horizontal networks (which links people within the organization in certain areas, such as marketing or research). Additionally, these networks can be further divided between the public and the private sector; they may also become public-private partnerships or quasi-market arrangements. Geography plays a role as well; they can be defined as regional, local, national, international networks, with varying levels of formality and duration. In the information technology area, these networks have also been transformed into virtual networks. ...

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This solution looks at a brief overview of innovation networks and why they have to be defined in the first place. Additionally, this answer provides the reader with an idea of how these definitions produce assumptions and possible implications of the advantages and disadvantages for the members themselves within these networks. How much authority they have to diffuse ideas for innovation are reviewed, based on the type of innovation network they are in.