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Analyzing a Sample Franchise Opportunity

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Analyzing Your Franchise Opportunity

My Franchise which I chosen was a Bookkeeping Office

This week, you will formally begin to consider the decision to pursue your selected opportunity. Specifically, this week's Project should include the following:

Summary of your selected franchise opportunity
Cost-volume-profit analysis model for your opportunity
Estimate of break-even sales and units

You will need to research your selected franchise. Use data from franchise opportunity websites, franchise-related blogs, and other websites such as www.bizstats.com to answer these questions.

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Analyzing Bookkeeping Office Franchise


Bookkeeping office franchise is one of the fastest growing franchises in the world. This is mainly due to the fast growth of small businesses that have less than 19 employees over the past two decades and often rather than employ a full time accountant, make use of part time bookkeepers (Teixeira, 2010).

The bookkeeping office that I intend to open will focused mainly on outsourced accounting services to these small businesses that need part time bookkeepers. The bookkeeping franchise will in particular strengthen the franchise systems of small businesses through provision of cost effective bookkeeping services, quality assurance, tax readiness, consolidated reporting, consulting and outsourced CFO services. Its main aim is to provide analyze and provide timely, relevant, accurate and secure financial data to businesses to that will be helpful in maximizing the performance of the businesses. The business will not only maintain books and generate financial reports, but will also help franchisees to better understand how to read and interpret financial information.

Opening this franchise will require research and analysis on the costs that will be incurred. Shown below is the ...

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