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Qualitative Considerations and The UPS Store Franchise

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Final decision will hinge on the reliability of the estimates; however, not all decisions are purely quantitative. What qualitative elements should you consider as you begin to formulate your decision on The UPS Store franchise opportunity?

Consider the following: In decision-making scenarios, risk pertains to known factors affecting profits that cannot be perfectly predicted but can be measured quantitatively. Meanwhile, uncertainty pertains to factors assumed to affect profits that cannot be predicted or measured quantitatively. The factors that represent uncertainty in a decision are qualitative in nature.

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Qualitative Considerations and The UPS Store Franchise

If investment decision making is purely based on quantitative considerations, life would be much simpler and everyone would be making more profits. Unfortunately, some investment decision factors, even the more important ones, are not quantifiable. As a matter of fact, Kocher ...

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Qualitative considerations and the UPS Store Franchise is examined.