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    Alignment of P&G's Proposed Values and Reality

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    How does P&G's proposed values and the following align:

    - Internal stakeholders treatment by leaders and managers
    - Internal stakeholders treatment of each other
    - External stakeholders treatment by P&G
    - P&G's short and long-term plans

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    Procter & Gamble Inc. Is a well known manufacturer and marketer of a broad variety of consumer products. P&G is a subsidiary of Cincinnati. The company was established in 1837. It is associated with the marketing of about 300 consumer products. The company is known for its values and principles, which focus on the welfare of its stakeholders.

    - leaders/managers' treatment of internal stakeholders
    - internal stakeholders treatment of one another.
    - organization's treatment of external stakeholders

    P&G believes that the existence of its employees and existence of its business are not separable. The chief internal stakeholder comprises of the employees. The leaders/managers give supreme priority to the welfare of the employees. At present approximately twenty five percent of the company constitute of ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 447 words, APA references. It first introduces Procter & Gamble as a company, then discusses the treatment of internal stakeholders and external stakeholders, as well as how internal stakeholders treat each other. Finally, P&G's short and long term plans are given.