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    Proctor and Gamble: Short and Long-term financial strategies to improve performance

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    With regard to the company Proctor and Gamble, please discuss both short and long-term financial strategies that you believe could improve the company's performance.

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    Financial Strategies for Procter&Gamble

    1. The company should decrease cash usage by working capital accounts in order to increase its operating cash flow. P&G's free cash flow (cash flow from operations less capital spending) was $7.3 billion for 2004. The company has generated nearly $24 billion in free cash flow (2001-2004). However, there has been a slowdown in the company's quarterly operating cash flow trends. Over the last quarter of fiscal 2003 and the third quarter of fiscal 2004, operating cash flow has decreased by 6%. In the most recent two quarters, the deterioration was ...

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