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Picking Stocks to Invest

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I need to choose 2 stocks from the following:
Coca Cola
General Electric
Pepsi Cola (Pepsico Inc)
Proctor and Gamble
General Motor

Explain the choice of companies
What did you see that made them seem more attractive to your hard-earned money?
What made them better than the others?
What does the stock market say the companies did last earnings quarter?
What risks are involved in the purchase of the stock?

Response is about 400 words, including financial data. No references.

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See financial data and additional comments in the attached.

Choice of stocks: Proctor and Gamble Company (PG) and General Electric (GE)

The choice to pick these two stocks out of the group was largely driven by the comparisons of the Price/Book, Operating Margin %, Net Operating Margin %, ROE and Debt/Equity ratios of the two companies compared to the others on the list. In addition, data pulled from Morningstar.com placed both companies as a moderate to strong buy recommendation based upon current trading volumes, long term financial strength, corporate strategic planning and price trending.

General ...

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