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Create a DFD for the following situation

Create a DFD for the following situation:

Technical Temporaries is a company that specializes in placing employees in businesses for short periods of time. The company specialized in "temporaries" who have a high degree of proficiency in working with PC software. Employees must pass proficiency tests for areas in which they wish to be certified. The system described below is responsible for matching employees with short-term openings that are available.

Business Activities:

Businesses telephone the company to request temporaries to fill specific positions. The requests are used to create a Temporary Employment Request record. If the business requesting the temporary employee is not on the Employer Master file, a record is created for it.

Employees are selected to fill the temporary positions based on employee qualifications and availability. The Temporary Employee master and the Temporary Employment request files are used to list all qualified candidates.

Contracts are sent to the selected temporaries. Information is printed from the Employee Master, Employer Master, and Temporary Employment Request files.

Returned contracts are used to update the employee master file. The Temporary Employment request file is updated with scheduling and personnel information.

Monthly schedules are printed for each employee. They contain information from the Employee Master, the Employer Master, and the Temporary Employment Request files, and they are sequenced by employment date for each employee.

Notification is sent to the businesses requesting the temporary employees, confirming the date, the qualifications of the workers, and their names.

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