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    Importance in updating, implementing and communicating

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    1. Why is it important to continuously update the implementation and communication of a strategic plan? Who should be responsible for updating and communicating a strategic plan? Why?

    2. Is it important for employees to know the strategic plan of a company? Why or why not?

    3. How to effectively communicate a strategic plan? How would such communication improve the organizational effectiveness?

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    The main reason a strategic plan should be communicated and updated is in the fact that the best strategic plan in the world will not satisfy the goals of the organization if there is not a strategy for implementing the plan. In this sense it is necessary to continuously educate and inform the workforce on the goals and objectives from the strategic perspective of the organization. Having a workforce that is knowledgeable on the direction of the organization helps to enable necessary decisions to be made by employees to work towards meeting the organization's strategic goals. Another factor to take into consideration is the fact that the business environment changes. Whether the market shifts, or challenges arise in the market place, ...

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    Almost 500 words outline the strategic value of having everyone up to date on a plan via good communication and who should know this plan.