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    Update and communicate strategic plans: who is responsible?

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    1) Why is it important to continuously update the implementation and communication of a strategic plan? Who should be responsible for updating and communicating a strategic plan? Why?

    2) What things should be taken into consideration in the creation of a roadmap for a strategic plan? What are some examples of external and internal change agents? What role do change agents play in the execution of a road map for a strategic plan?

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    First and foremost it is critical to view the strategic plan as a living document. For this reason, as goals and objectives are realized or changed, the strategic plan must be updated. The reasoning for this is so that all members of the organization understand where the organization stands with regards to implementing the strategic plan. Further, if the strategic plan is updated on a regular basis then employees are ...

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    The importance of continuously updating the implementation and communication of a strategic plan is determined. The considerations in the creation of a road map for a strategic plan is discussed.