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    Motivational Profile for Google

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    Corporate Culture and Management for Google
    1. Mission Statement (own words as much as possible)
    2. Organizational Structure
    3. Decision-Making Strategies

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    The mission of Google is to bring together those who seek information on the internet and the forms of information they are looking for while making the process easy to use and providing the information sought after. Though Google remains primarily a search engine several applications and processes have been added to enhance the user experience. The aim of the company is to continually improve on the search process by matching results with information desired (Google.com/about/, nd). While improving the search process by bringing up more applicable content the company also aims to keep the search process fast and simple, by eliminating the use of pop up ads which can slow down the search process.

    Among the many applications Google now offers are those to keep mobile devices operating at at their true potential. The company is also committed to fighting the deceptive practices of using malware and spyware to change or interrupt the user experience. While the company does not offer any single solution it does avoid the use of popup ads ...

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