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Event Planning for a Specific Business

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Prepare and submit an essay which reflects your thoughts about a specific business in which you have an interest in starting. If you don't have any particular business in mind, you may do an internet search to explore business ideas for one that best suits one of your interests.

Your essay should discuss:

The purpose of the business in terms of the product or service you intend to provide through your business
Your belief(s) about why this product or service would be profitable for a business
At least two major obstacles that would get in the way of launching this business
Other people, companies, or organizations, which have been successful with this, or a similar, product or service?
Where can you go to get additional information or help with your idea (people, websites, agencies, actual business contacts, trade associations, etc.)?

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The purpose of the business in terms of the product or service you intend to provide through your business.

The purpose of the business event planning is to make a wide variety of business or social occasions a success. Some examples of events that the firm may be required to plan are commemorations, education celebration, promotions, anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, and celebrations. There can be events related to graduation, there can be events related to company annual meeting of shareholders, or celebrations of 100 years of the business. The purpose of the business is to make it a success.

Specifically, the purpose of the service encompasses tasks like finding a site for the event, doing research into the types of people requesting the event, creating an event design, arranging the food/entertainment/décor. Further, ...

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