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Evaluating Corporate Strategy and Execution

Select a company to which you have been loyal for several years. Assess the company's current strategy and the effectiveness of the strategy execution.

Suggest a modification that company should make to its strategy and how it may impact the success of the company.

Many companies invest substantial resources to the strategic planning process only to put the strategy document on a shelf until the process rolls around the next year. Create an argument for a company's management team to actively communicate and implement the strategy that has been planned.

Given that a strategic plan has been established for an organization, suggest when the strategy should be evaluated, modified, or redirected. Provide support for your rationale.

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The company that I have been working for for several years, which is Harris Teeter, has a strategy of using periodic sales to increase its customer base. The strategy is executed by corporate management informing all store managers of when sales will be taking place a week ahead of time. The strategy is ineffective in gaining long-term customers, but the execution is effectively coordinated throughout the chain of stores. One strategic modification that the grocery retailer that I have been loyal to for several years can make is to maintain its prices at a level that is ...