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    Strategic Planning : Solution set

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    A. How should I provide an example of Corporate Social Responsibility. A company(s) that is concerned not only with the bottom line, but also with being good corporate citizens.

    b. With that information show, an example(s) and the reasons why you think these companies practice social responsibility.

    a. How should I provide an example of Strategy Execution for an organization that had good ideas, but failed to execute their strategy well?
    b. What caused the failure in that execution? Suggest one recommendation for improvement.

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    An example of a company that has demonstrated Corporate Social Responsibility is BP. They took action after the oil spill incident, and are currently in the process of taking care of all wildlife until all wildlife are saved as well as the spill in the Gulf is cleaned up. The company took responsibility by means of making sure to preserve nature, and helps get other businesses up and running because of their poor choices knowing that it would greatly affect the coasts. Not only did they handle the crisis well, they had people cleaning up the coast and the water around the clock, which demonstrates that they took responsibility for their ...

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    This solution provided an example of Corporate Social Responsibility with many reasons, what caused a failure in the execution, and provided one recommendation for improvement.