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Business Problem Statement

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I have to develop a problem statement for someone who has a welding company.. Its a small business and they are owned soley by that person..

You can describe the organization anyway you want and discuss what problem may occur with this type of business.

Here are the things that should be included:

Briefly describe the client organization by providing some background and describing the context in which the business problem or need occurs.
How is the problem affecting the client or organization?
List or describe the issues the problem is causing. (How is the problem showing up in the organization)?
When did the organization become aware of the problem?
What actions have been taken to mitigate the problem?
What is the broad problem need statement that effectively covers all the issues listed above?
What three functional areas might be contributing the problem?

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-How is the problem affecting the client or organization?
Try and focus on operating issues that can create a problem for a welding company such as the cost management in materials by vendor's pricing continues to increase the impact profitability. Basically, the supply chain management protocol continued to impact progressing towards a proficient organization due to vendor's contractual agreement where materials lack the quality for proper welding actual products for larger companies. Case in point, the problem affecting the organization directly impact their clients (larger companies needed welding parts for airplanes, bridges, and other materials parts to building even larger complex end products, such as, governments or community officials of towns).

-List or describe the issues the problem is causing. (How is the problem showing up in the organization)?
In cost management, the line item is ...

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The review into creating a business problem statement for identifying issues within an organization to offering productive resolutions.

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