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Visit the websites below and write research on:

Political/legal aspects -Type of government (describe the government, stability of government, head of state and government, different roles, different branches of the government, degree of centralized power versus state/local control) -Political risk assessment (degree to which changes have occurred in the government, civil unrest, assessment of citizens' freedom - freedom of press, religion, association, etc.)...make sure to include Freedom House's ratings for political and civil rights -Type of legal system (civil, common, and theocratic)...are bureaucrats heavily involved in the legal system or are it independent? Is it efficient or backlogged? -Legal protection of contracts -Legal protection of property (as stated in the law but also as indicated in practice), intellectual property (treaties dealing with intellectual property as well as in practice)...some ratings in Heritage foundation have good info for this also the World Bank doingbusiness.org site. -Corruption perception index... (Transparency International's ratings)

Transparency International - Internet Center for Corruption Research
Background notes
Library of Congress
Freedom House:

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Political/legal aspects -Type of government (describe the government, stability of government,
The government is a republic, having gained independence from Spain and then the northern territories in the War of the Pacific (1879-1883) from Peru and Bolivia. The first elected president came in 1990 and the government established sound policies that have allowed them to weather many crisises. Chile's government continues to provide leadership for the region through its democracy based government. It is stable as many countries in South America continue to have problems.

The country has fifteen regions but the U.S. and many countries do not recognize claims to Antarctica. Independent since 1810, the country's most successful constitution was established in 1980 and has been amended ...

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The type of government and political risk assessments is examined. The political and legal aspects for the types of government are provided.

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