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This post addresses prototyping and related issues.

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Identify a situation that you know about where a new solution needs to invented - a situation that has not responded well to currently available solutions. This situation can be work related or otherwise. How describe how you could use prototyping to find and test alternative solutions quickly and at a low cost.

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Basically in regards to the generation and testing ideas for new products or services, both the prototypes and iterative development, which are not completely identical as this suggests, are used together. The prototyping is the elementary design or the first measures taken in the software development design and the iterative development is based on a cycle of identifying deficiencies. Based on the weaknesses found in the prototype, the iterative ...

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This solution describes how you could use prototyping to find and test alternate solutions quickly and at a low cost to a situation that has been identified.

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Assume your The Coca Cola Company has made a strategic decision to become more innovative.

Identify unknown problems and unmet opportunities before you develop an innovative strategy to address them.

Follow the Innovation Business Design model (IBDM) five-step roadmap that follows:

1. Assessing the situation
2. Identify and define problem/opportunity
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