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    Steps in Developing a Sales Plan for a Photocopier Company

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    You are the recently hired sales manager for a photocopier company, Photocopiex. You are responsible for managing 10 representatives across Canada. The product is a low-weight, highly reliable photocopier that is targeted at small ($10-50 M in annual sales) to medium sized businesses ($50-250M). It sells for $5,000. Your current annual quota is $5Milllion per year.

    Your boss tells you to prepare to present a plan to Senior Management on Monday which will deliver a 20% increase in revenues and reduce the # of representatives by 3. Describe the steps/thinking/process that you would undertake to put this plan together. Clearly specify the information that you would need and how you would use SFA, EMM, CSM, and/or BI to assist you in this activity. List any assumptions clearly. Make sure to support any strategic decisions with insights from your analysis (assumptions included).

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    Your Business Objectives: Develop a revised sales plan for 2006 that will deliver:
    1. An additional 200 unit sales (total for 2006 of 1,200 units)
    2. Terminate 3 sales representatives.

    Since the plan will be presented within a week there is not a lot of time to consult with stakeholders. As such, the focus should be on decisions that are within my direct control and for which I can gather the necessary data to evaluate.

    So the questions really are a) how do I identify my 7 "best" representatives and b) among these 7 reps, how do we in-crease their productivity from an average of 100 units sold per rep in 2005 to more than 172 per rep in 2006. (new quota = $6M divided by $5,000 per machine = 1,200 machines divided by 7 salespeople).

    Analysis 1: Identifying Best 7

    -- Log into my SFA application and ...

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    This solution outlines the steps in developing a revised sales plan, for presentation to senior management, for a fictitious photocopy company. Almost 700 words detail major strategic points to consider in order to facilitate the preparation of the plan.