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    After Tax Cash Flows in Net Present Value Analysis (LOB)

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    Kramer Corporation is considering two investment projects, each of which would require $50,000. Cost and cash flow data concerning the two projects are given below:

    Project A Project B
    Investment in high speed photocopier $50,000
    Investment in working capital $50,000
    Net annual cash inflows $9,000
    Life of the project 8 years 8 years

    The high-speed photocopier would have a salvage value of $5,000 in eight years. For tax purposes, the company computes depreciation deductions assuming zero salvage value and uses straight-line depreciation. The photocopier would be depreciated over eight yea rs. At the end of eight years, the investment in working capital would be released for use elsewhere. The company requires an after-tax return of 10% on all investments. The tax rate is 30%.

    Compute the net present value of each investment project. (Round to the nearest whole dollar.)

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    After tax cash flows in net present value analysis is discussed for Kramer Corporation considering two investment projects.