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    International Justice/Human Rights

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    Write a 3-4 pages about International Justice/Human Rights Watch Now adays.

    How its shaping lifes, and what we need to do as human rights organization more to improve?

    Make this work as a writing sample!

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    // Before discussing the main part of the paper it is important to know something about the Human Rights Watch Organization. This section will focus on giving you the required knowledge about the organization //


    International Justice provides justice to the victims of sexual abuse, bondage and other types of brutal oppressiveness. "Human Rights Watch" is a global organization, which is non-governmental in nature and investigates and support the various issues related to human rights. The headquarters are in New York and it has its offices at various places like London, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Paris, Geneva etc. This organization was found under the name of Helsinki Watch in the year 1978. The various issues that Human Rights Watch deals with are political corruption, gender discrimination, abuses in criminal justice, military use of children and torture (Human Rights Watch, 2006).

    The organization has an overall strength of approximately 200 employees and a budget of around $22 million, per year. Though it receives funding from various organizations like the Ford Foundation, the Joyce Foundation, the Open Society Institute, the Columbia foundation etc but still it is in need for financial assistance to carry out its activities in a successful manner. There are a variety of issues that the organization has dealt with so far like rights of AIDS patients, genocide, war crimes, trafficking of girls and women, child labor, abolition of capital punishment, gay rights etc.

    The firm works to provide international justice in the concerned issues, where the national court fails to grant so. International justice helps in solving the problems related to various public issues that the organization deals with. It creates economic pressure, attracts the attention of the press and influences the Government against the offensive activities and a wide range of issues that need to be considered. The organization investigates the abuse of rights in the countries around the world.

    // After giving an introduction about the organization the next section will focus on the ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1311 words with references.