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Market value of equity and annual sales

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I am having a problem answering the following two questions.. can any one please help me???

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Morgan Inc (MI) bonds pay $110 annually, have 6 years until they mature and have a YTM of 9%. Book value of the bonds is $6.5 million. D/E ratio is 1.6. What is the market value of the equity?

What are the annual sales for a firm with $400,000 in debt, a total debt ratio of .4, and an asset turnover of 3.0?

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The solution has two problems dealing with the calculation of market value of equity and total annual sales.

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market cap = number of shares x share price
price to book = market cap / shareholders' funds
price to sales = market cap / annual sales
profit margin = profit after tax / annual sales
P/E ratio = market cap / profit after tax
gearing = net debt / shareholders' funds
Enterprise Value (EV) = market cap plus debt (or minus cash)
EV / cash flow = Enterprise Value / operating cash flow

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