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    Citigroup: Ratio analysis

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    1. From the Annual Report of the Company (see attachment), calculate all the ratios listed below.
    2. What insights do these ratios provide about the company's performance?
    3. What challenges / opportunities for improvement does the company appear to have based on the key financial ratios?
    4. If you were a manager in this company, what recommendations would you make to address these challenges?

    Profitability ratios:
    Return on equity (%)
    Return on assets (%)
    Return on invested capital (%)
    Profit margin (%)
    Gross margin (%)
    Price-to-earnings ratio (X)

    Turnover-control ratios:
    Asset turnover(X)
    Fixed-asset turnover(X)
    Inventory turnover (X)
    Collection period (days)
    Days' sales in cash (days)
    Payables period (days)

    Leverage and liquidity ratios:
    Assets to equity (X)
    Debt to assets (%)
    Debt to equity (%)
    Times interest earned (X)
    Times burden covered (X)
    Debt to assets (market value, %)
    Debt to equity (market value, %)
    Current ratio (X)
    Acid test (X)

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