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    Value of quality

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    I am looking for someone to explain the value of quality in relationship to customer satisfaction within a non-profit organization. Include a description of customer-driven quality and assess the importance of participatory management as it relates to quality.

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    The main purpose of the existence of a non-profit organization is to work for the betterment and improvement of the society and provide services with the sole aim of improving the lives of the people in need. Just like for profit organizations, quality plays an important role with respect to the satisfaction of the customers of the non-profit organizations, ie, the society and the people which such organizations serve without profit motive. The better the quality of the services provided by such organizations, the more satisfied and contended the people being served will be. For example, a non-profit organization serving people suffering from deadly disease such as AIDs will only be able to create an impact amongst its target customers, ie, "AIDS Patients", if it will be able to deliver ...

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    Value of quality in relationship to customer satisfaction within a Non-Profit Organization