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High Quality Product Delivery

Analyse and discuss the different ways that quality can be defined and applied within the operations context. What implications does this have for an organization as it seeks to deliver a high quality product or service? How can differences between these views of quality be overcome?

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Quality is often considered only when talking about a product or service. While the quality of the actual product or service is important, so are the internal and other external customers of a company not just the end buyer. With that in mind, we have to look at who these others are and what they require.

First up is that end buyer we just spoke of. The buyer expects to receive a product (or service) that does what it says it will, and helps them or makes them feel better when they purchase it. Poor materials, poor manufacturing, poor quality control are not acceptable in terms of quality. Companies often put a lot of focus on quality products without considering some other quality issues they need to. The customer is important, but others are important before the sale is done.

People who work in the company are important in terms of quality. Quality working conditions lead to happier employees who perform more efficiently and therefore a better quality product or service. The employees "at the end of the production line is a customer ...

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This solution analyses and discusses the different ways quality can be defined and applied within operations.