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    Scenario: Congratulations! You recently signed on as the Vice President of Human Resources at Auction-Off.com, a start-up company that provides appraisals and auctions of antiques and other items, all entirely online.

    The company has hired 75 employees, including appraisers, Web developers, network engineers, accounting staff, and also sales, marketing, human resources, client services, and technical support teams. Auction-Off.com selected employees who are action-oriented, innovative, adaptive, extroverted, and demonstrate occupational expertise.

    The Auction-Off.com mission and goals are:

    Our mission is to use the Internet to provide accurate appraisals and competitive auctions to a global market and consistently deliver quick, customer-centered results.

    ? Implement a Web-based appraisal and auction site that our customers will want to use.
    ? Maintain responsive and friendly customer service options that will encourage repeat business.
    ? Promote Auction-Off.com within existing auction and antique markets in a way that compliments traditional auction businesses.
    ? Create a management structure that supports profitable achievement of the mission and employee success.

    The company has a small budget for employee programs, and operates in a very informal and fast-paced fashion. Auction-Off.com has asked you to design their employee involvement and recognition programs.

    Employee Involvement Program
    Formulate an employee involvement program that will engage and inspire Auction-Off.com employees. You may choose among four types of programs: participative management, representative participation, quality circles, or employee stock ownership plans. Explain why you selected the program you did, and how you think it will benefit Auction-Off.com and its employees.

    Program Description:
    <Type your program description here in 150 words or fewer>

    Employee Recognition Program
    Formulate an employee recognition program that will reward high-performing Auction-Off.com employees. Suggest individual, team, and company-based recognition methods. Explain why you created the program you did, and how you think it will benefit Auction-Off.com and its employees.

    Program Description:
    <Type your program description here in 150 words or fewer>

    Job Redesign and Scheduling Task
    Despite your efforts implementing employee involvement and recognition programs, the Web developers began quitting with little notice, and were leaving Auction-Off.com completely disgruntled. You learned that a common complaint among Web developers is that there is too much rigidity in developer work schedules: they work 8-5, and those that quit felt they were more creative during off hours. And, developers were given Web site design requirements which left no room for creativity. Suggest one job redesign and one scheduling solution which will better accommodate Auction-Off.com Web developers. Explain why you selected the programs you did, and how you think they will benefit Auction-Off.com and its employees.

    Solutions Description:
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    Variable-Pay and Skill-Based Pay Programs
    Auction-Off.com marketing and sales employees hold key roles at the company because they target customers and plan ways to engage them. Yet marketing and sales-related expenses have gone over budget in the last month. Suggest either a variable-pay program or a skill-based pay program which could serve to reward these employees, and will also reduce costs. Explain why you selected the program you did, and how you think it will benefit Auction-Off.com and its employees.

    Pay Program(s) Description:
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    Employee Involvement Program

    The employee involvement program that I have selected is Quality Circles. There are several reasons why I have selected this method these reasons are:
    1. The company has a small budget for employee program;
    2. As the company operates in an informal manner, quality circles will work well
    3. Moreover quality circles will help improve the functioning and reach of the web-based appraisal system to such an extent that it will gain a large number of users.
    4. Since the company is a going concern, quality circles will provide a continuity to the employee engagement process.
    Quality Circle in Auction-Off.com means that the employees of Auction-Off.com will meet voluntarily every week to discuss the improvement of workplace. They will discuss issues related to improvement of performance and increasing customer satisfaction. Each quality circle will be composed of 8 to 10 persona and will use techniques like Ishikawa diagram, the Pareto chart and the Deming wheel.

    Auction-Off.com will benefit from the quality circles because these will improve the customer service as well as the reach and popularity of the Auction-Off.com website. The employees will benefit because quality circles will help make their work interesting and give ...

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