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    US Goverment Contracting, Uniform Commercial Code

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    U.S. Government Contracting

    1. Analyze three supply chain challenges for U.S. government contractors.

    (You will need to do Web research on U.S. government or other reputable sites to answer the next two questions.)

    2. What is a GSA (General Services Administration) schedule, and why should a government contractor understand the implications of the schedule?

    3. The Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) has 10 program areas. List at least five of these program areas and how how they support procurement management.

    Uniform Commercial Code

    4. Why does the Uniform Commercial Code exist? How does it affect commerce? What is the relationship between the UCC and business ethics?

    5. What is the maximum amount for a forcible verbal agreement?

    6. Do all states comply with the UCC? Explain.

    7. Assume that you are a seller, and the buyer makes a claim on a major contract that you oversee. Discuss the following aspects of the Uniform Commercial Code:
    a. How might commercial terms and conditions impact the outcome?
    b. Analyze the potential role of the UCC on the outcome.
    c. What role might applicable government regulations play on the outcome?
    d. If the agreement is silent on a topic, how might the UCC protect each party?

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    // The U.S. Government Contractors are facing a lot of problems in supplying the government with their contracts. In the following text, the challenges faced by the U.S. contractors have been discussed. The role of General Services Administration (GSA) schedule and its implications on the contractors and the Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) with its program areas have been also discussed.//
    US Government Contracting and Uniform Commercial Code
    Three challenges of supply chain faced by the U.S. government contractors are as follows:

    Federal budgets are either unvarying or are shrinking: The budgets of the U.S. government are reducing, creating problems for the contractors to sustain the completion (Di, 2015) .
    Changing procurement policies: The Office of Federal Procurement Policy is keeping a close check on the expenses of the government (Di, 2015).
    Hiring key personnel: The challenge for the contractors is to find the right people, who can understand the businesses in the best manner (Di, 2015).

    General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule
    Long-term government contracts with the commercial firms are established by the General Services Administration (GSA) for providing access to millions of services and commercial products at a volume ...

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