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    Law of Sales and the Uniform Commercial Code

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    The ultimate goal is to gain a better understanding and appreciation of the laws that govern individuals and other entities in their business transactions.

    Share a 'blank' contract for Hewlett Packard auditing.
    Explain if the contract comes under the jurisdiction of article 2 of the UCC.
    If you do not have access to a 'blank' contract, use a contract from the following site: http://contracts.onecle.com/.

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    Law of Sales and the Uniform Commercial Code:

    The Uniform Commercial code is a set of policies that have been passed by the American Law Institute and the National Conference of Commissioners in the quest of harmonizing the rules that are used in the sales operations and other diverse business transactions carried out in the USA. All the activities that are carried out in a business environment will need to be governed by both internal and external policies. As business transactions are bound to hold the interstate status, uniformity is paramount in the manner in which the sales transactions will be carried out (Sample Business, 2012). The global economic hardships that are experienced in market industries will have to be regulated by a central system that will ensure the business decisions that are made by the corporations are with the interests of the end consumers in mind. It is in order to state that the utilized Lycos Inc. advertising agreements follows the set principle of the Uniform Commercial Code based on the following significant variables:

    The Stating of the Parties that are involved in The Contract:

    The Uniform Commercial Code expects that those parties that are involved in the ...

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    The solution discusses the law of sales and the uniform commercial code.