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Turning a garage into a family room

Based on turning a garage into a family room project that should take no more than 3 weeks, prepare a 300 word project proposal.
It is done from the families point of view.
In your proposal be sure to include the following items:
1) Background and statement of need:
Briefly describe why the family is in need of the project. Discuss the expected benefits that are motivating the family to commission this project.
2) Project stakeholders:
Start by identifying the project customer. This is the person who will be approving resources for the project and will be holding your team accountable for results. Identify additional stakeholders of the project and determine how they are impacted by the project.

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320 Words, APA References

Project Proposal

Turning a garage into a family room

This project is based on converting a garage into a family room. In the family, every member needs personal space to spend his time. If there is a garage in the family and is not in use, the family members can turn this garage into a well furnished room. The main purpose of this project is to analyze the various parameters associated with the issue of turning a garage into a family room. By this way a family can utilize the waste space and save ...

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