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Terry's Sales Presentation & the Engineering Group

You just had Terry, one of your team members from marketing, give a presentation to the engineering group about the new product and its importance to the company's product line. The presentation covered the launch program, giving an emphasis on the milestones and dates. The purpose was to get the engineering group's buy-in on the prototyping approach, dates, and final production dates. After 4 slides of a 35 slide presentation, Terry was bombarded with detailed engineering-related questions about the specifications and production issues. Terry, who wasn't prepared for such questions, got aggravated and visibly frustrated, closed down the presentation and, said, "That's it," and left the meeting.

Was Terry's presentation appropriate for the audience?
How could Terry have better prepared for the presentation?
How could Terry have handled the questions?
What should the project manager do after Terry left the room?
What would you do differently to get the engineering group's buy in?

The response is provided in approximately 200 words.

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Terry's presentation was not appropriate for the audience because he was not able to address the engineers' questions and concerns.

Terry could have prepared better for the presentation by considering his audience and their likely interests and questions about the new product, while ...

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THis solution discusses a scenario in which a marketing team member presents a new product to a group of engineers within the company only to be bombarded with technical questions that he could not handle. It outlines what Terry could have done differently, how he could have been better prepared, and how to get the engineering groups buy-in. It gives examples.